Here’s your chance to experience
Passive Power: A wealth building and financial literacy seminar

Financial Literacy is for EVERYONE!  Our goal is to educate ourselves and our community in successful wealth building strategies.  It is through such education that we can all achieve Financial Freedom.  This seminar uses exciting and engaging games to shift your financial mindset.  Learn how to increase your passive income so that you too can get out the rat race.  Remember, Wealth is not about who makes the most money, but who keeps the most.  In this seminar, you will learn the principles the rich use to ensure that they stay wealthy.  This experience guarantees:

  • High energy presentations aimed at motivating attendees to take action

  • Engaging learning techniques using the game Cash Flow 101

  • Establishing a community of link minded individuals who are committed to wealth building

  • Cultivating moments that will last a lifetime

  • Whether you own multiple properties or know nothing about real estate investing, this event is for you!  There is something for everyone to learn and share.

    Book Zenitra to host the Passive Power seminar at your next event.  For more information, email us through our Contact Us page.