I am a promoter of all things good and positive.

I am a solution.

I am love.

Zenitra Barrett

Zenitra Barrett is a life coach and financial literacy advocate living in New York City.

Her discipline and hard work is well complimented by her poise and sophistication. Though all relevant, her most valued quality is her ability to make everything and everyone she crosses better than the state she found them in. Never one to shy from the microphone, she began her career as a motivational speaker in 2001 when asked to speak on success at a scholarship luncheon which her topic was Success or Significance.

Life coaching is truly her calling as it is the perfect blend of motivational speaking, a desire to help others, and the role of educator. She promotes continuous positive performance and resilience during tough times in order to create a more balanced life.

By tapping into new energy, Zenitra guides her clients through the process of shaping new visions and plans for the immediate future. She is committed to helping others function at their most optimum level.

Zenitra is a graduate of Howard University and is definitely leaving her mark on this world.