The journey to leading a more fulfilling life is not an easy one. It requires us to be honest with ourselves in terms of what we want out of life and whether the actions we are taking are congruent with that goal. Life coaching consists of two major parts, self-exploration and self-regulation.

Self-exploration is the fun part. It’s where you fall in love with yourself by discovering and taking ownership of your skills, talents, and interests.

Self-regulation is more difficult. It requires you have to hold yourself accountable for following through the actions you need to take. We will go through various exercises allowing you to uncover your true self and examine your actions to ensure they are an accurate reflections of the newly discovered you.

Coaching can be used to acquire new skills, change professions, manage life transitions, discover your passion and so much more!  Coaching will teach you how to anticipate the only constant in the world, change. You will no longer be afraid of it, nor will you be defeated by it. You will become an on purpose individual who shapes your own future.